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Hi, I'm Chad Mendoza. Thanks for taking a few minutes to find out a bit about me.


After a couple visits to Colorado from New England, I became enamored with the unique homes, diverse neighborhoods, gorgeous weather, outdoor activities and incredibly friendly people (don't be offended current/former New Englanders). I moved to Colorado in 1994 after graduating from Bryant University.  Everything I owned was either stuffed into or tied onto the roof of my old Volkswagon Jetta.  


After about a year working in a bike shop in Boulder, I went to work for the airline industry (Western Pacific, located originally in Colorado Springs and then United Express, based at a newly built DIA). Then I started a doggy day care business (Madison and Friends Doggy Day Care). I was fortunate enough to grow this business to two locations, sell it and now it is currently operating under a new owner and name in Park Hill.  Shortly thereafter, I worked for an e-commerce company ( may have even seen the "adopt a highway signs" driving on I-25 by the Tech Center).


It wasn't until 2004 that I first became licensed to sell real estate and it was that year that I was voted the Denver Board of Realtors' Rookie of the Year. At that time no one had even heard the term "short-sale or bank-owned" but unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, my first client had a portfolio of almost 20 of them...I quickly became an expert! 


Over 10 years later, I still love selling real estate and have seen more than a few cycles/markets come and go. I have been involved in millions of dollars of real estate transactions representing buyers, sellers and developers from $100,000 properties to being part of a sales team for a 42-story, 496-unit residential condominium building located in the heart of Downtown Denver.





Want to know more?  Here's an interview with yours truly. 


Have you always been in real estate?

I have been in real estate now for over 10 years.


What do you love most about your job?

I love that the Denver Market is always changing and teaching us all something new,. I also love that I can help people organize their wants/needs and find them a home to be proud of, to use to entertain friends and family, and a place that they will contact me back years later about to sell for them.  But the part I love the most is when one of my clients tells me that they never thought they could find a place they would be so happy with!


Who has been your inspiration in business? 

My biggest inspiration in real estate was my mentor, Al Latham (co-founder of Distinctive Properties). He taught me countless things, but three things that I always use to ground myself are:


  1. You can't push a deal through. You will be a great Realtor when you start handling deals like you don't need them to close and just do what is right.

  2. The best deals in real estate are not the ones where someone takes advantage of someone else; both parties should benefit from the transaction.

  3. Pigs get fatter, hogs are greedy and get slaughtered. Be a pig.


Where would you live if money and time were of no concern? 

I would most likely live in a few places.  I would have to have a place on Cape Cod (probably Provincetown), a place in the mountains close to skiing, camping and hiking and a place in Denver I could still stay at when I work with clients.


Why did you choose Denver? 

The range of activities the Rocky Mountains offer with every season. 


What's your typical weekend look like?

My "typical" weekend doesn't really exist.  It either involves working with clients, spending time with my partner and dogs, checking out new restaurants, thinking of reasons to escape to the mountains, getting on an airplane to travel, or working on my newly purchased home in Mayfair.  To be completely fair, let's not forget some time with great friends, some craft beer and a good glass of wine.

What advice would you give to a first-time homebuyer? 

Be patient, sometimes you will have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince. If you lose a home you liked, we will find another one. Don't ever worry about how much you can afford to buy, what's more important is what you are comfortable spending while still being able to do the things you like to one should ever be house poor. Your first house is just a stepping stone and usually not the last home you will ever own. Finally, work with someone you trust and feel comfortable sharing what is really important to you.


What advice would you give to a seller? 

Trust your Realtor's experience and allow them to be candid with you.  You are paying a professional to guide you through the process of pricing, marketing, contract compliance, troubleshooting issues, ever-changing lender requirements and competitive markets.  If selling a home were easy, every house on the market would be a For Sale By Owner.  


The best thing about living in Denver is... 

The weather and ease in traveling out of DIA. It's great that not everyone knows that it doesn't snow here all the time. And there are so many different things to see and do - you can dine on a patio for brunch and then drive about an hour away and feel like you are in another world surrounded by nature or a foot of powder!  Let's keep it our secret!

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